Building in Public

Hey there! I'm Daniel Morales, an entrepreneur and software developer (and sometimes data scientist) who loves to build in public. In this blog, I share my journey as a maker, my learnings, and my projects.



Update #1

Hey there, this is my first update here. I have 2 ideas in mind about this blog. 

1- Tell my story. It is a 15 years of stories, so there are too much to tell. So I'll put focus just in the important learnings 
2- Tell my current stage. I'm currently developing a portfolio of products. So I'll be talking about them

You should be thinking, 15 years as an entrepreneur is a lot, and it is. Remember all the things that happened will be so hard. So that part will take me much time to write. This means I'll be focusing much more in my present during my first writings. This first update is all about my current stage then, and my portfolio of bets. This month of April 2024, I've been working on 5 different projects

1- - Software compensation management for sales teams (in Latam)
2- - Customer Success Platform (in Latam)
3- - English speaking partner via one-to-one video calls
4- - Data Science Agency for Customer Success Teams
5- No name yet - Customer Success Platform (I'm building this with a co-founder, and we're just starting)

If you come here in the future, maybe some or all of them are successful or shut down. So have patience if links does not work. 

Why am I working on all of these projects? couple of things
- I believe in all of them
- I'm not writing code in any of them yet. 
- All of them has just a landing page. 
- The only one really working is
- In almost all of them I'm building it as a solopreneur
- None of them is monetizing yet
- I do not have any audience yet (in any social media platform)
- I'm working full time in all of them

My focus right know is:
- I have a budget to pay for ads, but not that much. Just $500usd to start validating signals and interest
- I wrote 3 books in 3 weeks (with the help of ChatGPT) with more than 250 pages each, and launch them for Compensix, Astrolus and RetainPRO in order to have a lead magnet
- Each book contains relevant info for each segment
- The best ads where for Latam, in LinkedIn and I get for Compensix almost 100 leads, for Astrolus 30 (so far) and for RetainPRO (just 5). 
- That's the best thing about testing multiple projects at the same time. I have a better perspective on how a good idea looks like. It's like a multiple AB testing
- I'm putting focus on actually phone calling directly the leads, and saying something like: "Hey I'm Daniel the author of the book you downloaded a couple of days ago... did you already started it?... btw I would like to know if you currently use an specific tool to solve this... if so, which one?. How painful is this problem for you... etc". So as you can see I'm having real calls, and validating with my target user directly
- Almost all people answer the phone. LinkedIn gives a really good leads. Facebook leads are so bad. Almost all phone numbers are wrong
- My target is to have 100 calls for each project mentioned above (Compensix, Astrolus and RetainPRO). However RetainPRO seems like I won't have enough numbers. So that probably means it is a really bad idea to pursue
- Currently I'm half the way to reach that numbers

That's it in this update. See you next one!