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Hello World!

Hi, I'm Daniel
I have several years of experience as a back-end engineer in different companies (including one that I created from scratch and raised money from VCs), and I'm here to try to share my knowledge about back-end engineering as a whole.

I'll keep in mind that the software engineer position always involves other skills like DevOps, System Design or Architecture, or even some new fancy frontend frameworks like React and other .js new kids on the block. So I'll be writing about all of them.

Hello World

My video introduction:

When I'm learning something new, the main pain point is that almost every mentor, teacher, senior dev, product lead, instructor, or writer assumes that I know the prerequisites needed to learn that new thing. I've seen this pattern over the years: 
* Instructor over-explains something in great detail but always assumes you know about other prerequisites. This can hurt your learning path because you'll constantly be switching between different mentors all the time.
* Instructor explains just the basic things (without going any more profound) but always assumes you know about other prerequisites. This is the worst-case scenario when you're learning new things 
You can see this same pattern in all kinds of software tutorials or documentation. They always assume you know about other prerequisites. 
Also, you can see this same pattern in senior developers when onboarding, when they're explaining something new, or even worse: when they are assigning new tasks to their team. They are always assuming that you know about the other prerequisites. 
Almost no one is giving you the proper context when explaining something, and you need to figure it out yourself. I've always been suffering from this in my career, and it costs me a lot of time when I'm learning some new shiny stuff, when I'm reading documentation or when I'm starting a new position. And the only thing I can do is to ask more questions, go with another instructor, or even feel so frustrated, and my only path is to just go ahead with what I have.
I hope to bring you a bit more context when explaining things with this blog page. But, I promise you that I won't assume that you know the same things that I know. 
Thanks for reading 
Daniel Morales